Challenge the Cyber ​​online this year

April 24, 2020

After Prime Minister Rutte’s press conference last Tuesday (April 21), we decided that this year’s edition of Challenge the Cyber ​​will take place online. The date remains Saturday, June 27. Despite the physical distance, we will try to make it a fun and rewarding day. We wil organize the "closing drinks" later in the year, when that is possible and allowed again.

Plans for the cyber boot camp are also progressing steadily. For the time being, we assume that this can be done on-site with the necessary preventive measures. At the same time, we are also working on a plan B, in which participants follow the boot camp from home.

We cordially invite everyone to take a look at our Discord server. The ECSC2019 team is there to help participants get started and a number of teachers already found their way there. We also have a fun teaser challenge for enthusiasts via a QR code at the CTC homepage

Finally we have a podcast tip: Jasper, Diederik and Olaf, who went to the ECSC in Bucharest last year and are now involved in the organization of CTC, have started a podcast (in Dutch). The pilot episode of "Wat de Hack" can be listened to via Spotify, among others. In the podcast, they comment lightly on cyber-related topics, without getting too technical.

Keep practising and stay healthy!