CTC 2020: coronaproof

June 28, 2020

In 2019 it was a sunny Saturday in September that the Dutch Innovation Factory in Zoetermeer filled up with young cyber security talent, this year everything is different. It is a gray Saturday afternoon in Amsterdam Southeast, where the organization has established its temporary headquarters. The young talent works from home. But inside the sun shines. Secura's office has been transformed into a studio, with Chris van 't Hof in front of the camera and ECSC alumnus Olaf Haalstra behind the buttons. The jury, consisting of Ron Mélotte (Fontys ICT), Ralph Moonen (Secura) and Cedric van Bockhaven (Deloitte), deliberates next door. In another meeting room, Edwin Schaap and Chris van Marle of the NCSC are ready for technical questions. Team captain Jasper Boot gives the participants a pep talk via Discord, while Secura's marketing manager Jacqueline Bayot treats everyone to coffee and croissants. Because of the many hands that make edition 2020 possible, Melanie Lemmen (dcypher) and Michiel Oosterwijk (NCSC) can start the day fairly relaxed.

Chris van t Hof CTC2020
Chris van 't Hof kicks off

At 11h00, presenter Chris van 't Hof opens the livestream and introduces the jury. Not much later, the horn sounds and Challenge the Cyber ​​is officially launched. The live stream continues with hourly interviews and updates. On Discord, the teams have retired to their own team rooms. During the day, the jury will drop by to see how things are going and to encourage the teams. It's strange not to see the teams at work, but the interaction through Discord makes up for it.

Immediately there is a lot of scoring by all teams, but after an hour a clear ranking is showing. Still, it remains exciting until the last minute. Just like last year, the HTHT team from the University of Twente is in a neck and neck race, this year with the PHPHooligans from Radboud University. When the scoreboard closes half an hour before the final signal, HTHT is in first place with 91 points ahead of the PHPHooligans. When the horn sounds at 5 pm, PHPHooligans appears to be first, with a difference of only 12 points. They win the second edition of Challenge the Cyber. The surprise of the day, however, is the All Mixed Up team. This opportunity team consisting of high school students comes in 3rd, leaving behind 26 teams of college and university students. The fourth place is also for a junior team consisting of Radboud students: Beep boop ben robot. Chris addresses the participants in Discord and hands out the cups virtually to the PHPHooligans who have won the senior and overall rankings and to All Mixed Up, the winners of the junior rankings. After Challenge the Cyber, the participants will continue to exchange experiences on Discord for a long time.


Melanie Lemmen CTC2020

Melanie Lemmen thanks all participants!

CTC2020: corona proof is done. Due to the online interaction with and between participants and the reports via the live stream, the 'on site' feeling was approached as closely as possible. And maybe the after event drinks can take place in person again. But now we continue to the Cyberbootcamp with 22 participants.

And of course the scoreboard with the final score to make things complete!