ECSC 2020 cancelled

June 3, 2020

Today ENISA announced that the European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC) will not take place in Vienna this year. A disappointing but also realistic decision supported by  the ECSC steering committee. The official statement of the ECSC steering committee is:

Due to the worldwide pandemic, the ECSC Steering Committee together with the Austrian national planners and the support of the European Agency for Cybersecurity decided to change the dates of the European Cyber Security Challenge 2020 Final scheduled to take place in Vienna this November.   

The ECSC Steering Committee considering that the organization of this European event brings together more than 350 young people coming from all over Europe, wants above all to safeguard the health of all participants. 
In light of the above, the 6th edition of the European Cyber Security Challenge will take place in Prague, Czech Republic on 2021. Austria will host the event in 2022. 

Furthermore, to give a fair chance to all and permit each country to continue with the selection process in serenity we decided to amend the age conditions for participation by adding a year in each category. 
We are certain that the enthusiasm and dedication of our young talents will remain as strong as ever and look forward to seeing you all in Prague!

The Austrian organization does not opt for an online variant, as the unique value of the ECSC is the personal interaction between the teams. However, online training events are being considered in order to bridge the long period until the next ECSC (October 2021 in Prague).

Many countries have already completed the national qualification and are in full training with their team. These countries choose to participate in the ECSC 2021 with the same team without organizing new qualifications. For us, Challenge the Cyber is the way to identify new and young cyber security talent, take cybersecurity skills to the next level and inspire young people to pursue careers in cybersecurity. We don't want to skip that for a year!

We will therefore still select a Dutch team immediately after the Cyberbootcamp. Although participation in the ECSC is not possible, we will organize various activities for this team, possibly together with other European countries. Just like a number of ECSC 2019 alumni in 2020, team members will also have the opportunity to help organize Challenge the Cyber 2021 and the Cyberbootcamp. Because of the age limit extension, participants also have the opportunity to qualify for the ECSC in Prague in 2021 in their current age group.