Hackers Fontys Hogeschool ICT selected for Dutch Team ECSC 2019

October 9, 2019

ICT students and teachers compete in the field of ethical hacking. For the first time in history, the Netherlands is represented at the European Security Challenge (ECSC) from 9 to 11 October 2019 in Romania, or the largest European competition for ethical hackers. No fewer than two Fontys Hogeschool ICT students have been selected for the Dutch team: Robin van den Hurk and Henne van der Vegt. Teacher Ron Mélotte is coming as a coach. In Bucharest they compete with the best Cyber ​​security students from 22 European countries. One thing is certain: a high degree of concentration and a high level of perseverance is a requirement to solve the challenges. Time for an in-depth interview with Ron and Henne.

Why participate?
“I mainly participate because I want to develop further in this field. This is an extremely suitable way to do that, "says an enthusiastic Henne. Ron adds: “Participation in this event is probably a once in a life time experience. It is incredibly instructive and challenging to compete with the best Cyber ​​Security students from twenty-two European countries. ”

How did the selection process go?
“Dcypher and NCSC initially made a selection of MBO, HBO and WO educational institutions that were invited to participate in the national competition in Zoetermeer. Dcypher and team coaches (UT-Twente, Haagse Hogeschool and Fontys Hogeschool ICT) subsequently put together the Dutch ECSC Team (read Dutch selection) based on team performance (ranking during the national CTF) and personal performance of the participating students. . "

What is your expectation for your participation?
“The expectation is that it will be a super nice experience, on the one hand to make contact with other Cyber ​​security students from Europe and on the other because of the challenge of the CTF Challenge. In addition, we hope to get a little taste of Romanian culture. We aim for the highest attainable position in the final ranking. It is difficult to estimate whether that will be number 3 or number 20, as the Netherlands is taking part in the ECSC for the first time. Ultimately, participating in the ECSC is an opportunity to give the excellence (students) in the field of Cyber ​​security a stage that allows them to grow to the next level. You hear it right: stimulation is not only good for "minimalists" but also for "above average," explains Ron. Henne is also positive. "My expectation is that the challenges will be difficult, but they are resolvable. The preconditions all seem good arranged, but I personally am not sure if it will go as technically as smoothly as in the Dutch preliminaries. ”

Do you have a secret weapon?
"Regarding a secret weapon: I don't really think there is such a thing, or there must be a security flaw in the scoreboard or something," Henne jokes. "It is probably just a matter of which team a) can hack best, and b) work together."

Tip for students and teachers who also want to do this in the future?
“Participating for students (and also teachers) is certainly not reserved for minimalists, publishers or sloths. It requires love for the field (Cyber ​​security), perseverance, a high degree of focus and concentration, and being willing to develop yourself during your free time. So not only develop a lifetime (during your work or study) but even want to sacrifice your (precious) free time for this! So start developing yourself today in the areas of: Reverse engineering, Exploitation, Machine Learning, Web security, Programming, Cryptography, Forensics, Networking, Wireless & Radio Hacking, Hardware hacking, Mathematics & Probabilities. Because these are the challenges that you will face during the European Cyber ​​Security Challenge. Happy Hacking !, ”says Ron.

More information
Website: (https://europeancybersecuritychallenge.eu/)
Twitter: (https://twitter.com/ecscnl)
Artikel Fontys BRON: https://bron.fontys.nl/ethische-hackers-fontys-ict-naar-wedstrijd-roemenie/.