Presenting… the Dutch team

September 12, 2019

It was a bit of a puzzle after Challenge the Cyber, but we have a team! In accordance with the European Cyber Security Challenge rules, our team consists of five seniors (born between 1994 and 1998) and five juniors (born after 1998). The seniors come from the winning team "High Tech Hacking Touch" of the University of Twente. A sixth team member joins as a coach. The juniors come from the teams of the Haagse Hogeschool and Fontys Hogeschool ICT. Their teachers also join as a team coach.

The team that will represent The Netherlands at the European Cyber Security Challenge in Bucharest:

  •     Jasper Boot (UTwente) 
  •     Æde Hoekstra (UTwente)
  •     Wouter Kobes (UTwente)
  •     Diederik Bakker (UTwente)
  •     Vincent Dunning (UTwente)
  •     Ian Schön (Haagse Hogeschool)
  •     Matthijs Vogel (Haagse Hogeschool)
  •     Ruben Brocke (Haagse Hogeschool)
  •     Robin van den Hurk (Fontys Hogeschool ICT)
  •     Henne van der Vegt (Fontys Hogeschool ICT)

The coaches:

  •     Olaf Haalstra (UTwente)
  •     Daniel Meinsma (Haagse Hogeschool)
  •     Ron Mélotte (Fontys Hogeschool ICT)

The ‘tour guides’:

  •     Melanie Lemmen (dcypher)
  •     Michiel Oosterwijk (NCSC)
  •     Edwin Schaap (NCSC)

The adventures of the Dutch team can be followed on Twitter via @challengethecyb and #ECSC2019 during the ECSC (9-11 oktober).