Presenting… the Dutch team (2)

September 27, 2019

With less than two weeks left before take-off to Bucharest, the first (and only) meeting of the Dutch ECSC team was mainly about getting to know each other. The afternoon took place on familiar ground: the Dutch Innovation Factory in Zoetermeer. After a quick lunch, the meeting started with a presentation about the European Cyber ​​Security Challenge, followed by a light-hearted introduction round. There was not much time to train technical skills, also because in between photos and film recordings had to be made. However, the team members get free access to the premium content of Certified Secure for a year, so they can maintain their skills before and after the ECSC. At the end of the afternoon, led by team captain Jasper and coach Olaf, agreements were made about tools and tactics. The closing pizza was the prelude to a pub crawl in Utrecht for part of the team. After all, they remain students.

The Dutch Team